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Graduate Admission
CBE Admission FAQ

Test Codes

Applicants, please note to send your test scores electronically. The University at Buffalo institution code is 2925 for the GRE and TOEFL. Our department code for TOEFL is 64; our department code for GRE is 1001.


The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering offers three graduate degree programs:

  • Master of Engineering (ME) – primarily intended for practicing chemical engineers who desire advanced professional training and for those who desire to enter the workplace with a technical specialization beyond that of the bachelor's degree.
  • Master of Science (MS) – primarily intended for students desiring to acquire some research experience in addition to formal training in chemical or biological engineering fundamentals at an advanced level through graduate coursework.
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – intended to prepare outstanding students to become future leaders in the field through an emphasis on the development of students' ability to perform independent, creative, and in-depth research.

For more information, such as degree requirements, areas of concentration, and specific course descriptions, see Graduate Degree Programs.

Applications for admission are evaluated by the graduate committee on the basis of criteria reflecting academic quality and probable success in advanced study. These criteria are:

  1. undergraduate and (where applicable) graduate grades
  2. GRE exam scores
  3. letters of recommendation
  4. a statement outlining past accomplishments, professional objectives, special interests, and educational plans

Superior grades and exam scores are, of course, important for admission. However, cases exist where students not having the highest grades were admitted partly on the basis of strong letters of recommendation clearly indicating superior ability and dedication in undergraduate research. It is advantageous to request letters from individuals who have significant knowledge of your abilities-for instance, professors who have taught you in more than one course or with whom you have carried out an independent study project or research. You should give these individuals as much lead time as possible so that they will not be not rushed and will be able to write detailed and thoughtful letters about you.

How to Apply

Applicants, please note to send your test scores electronically. The University at Buffalo institution code is 2925 for the GRE and TOEFL. Our department code for TOEFL is 64; our department code for GRE is 1001.

Main Application Form
  • Online – Applicants must submit the online application.
  • The supplementary materials listed below must be uploaded onto the online application.
  • We ask that you do not send original documents in the mail. We no longer maintain paper files.
Supplementary Materials

In addition to the main application form, all of the following supplementary materials should be uploaded to the online application before your application will be considered:

  1. A brief (1-2 page) statement outlining your past accomplishments, professional objectives, special interests and educational plans.
  2. All university and college transcripts along with all completed degree certificates. UB transcripts are not required.

Letters of Recommendation

  1. Arrange to have three individuals familiar with your education and research background to complete letters of recommendation using our online application system. When you enter the names of the recommenders into the application, they willl be sent a request.
  2. You may also alternately use the recommendation letter form (pdf) found here. You should download this form and provide a copy to each recommender, who should then complete the form and send it directly to the department by email attachment.

Test Scores

Take the General Aptitude section of the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and arrange to have your results sent electronically to the department. The University at Buffalo institution code is 2925 for the GRE and TOEFL. Our department code for TOEFL is 64; our department code for GRE is 1001.

Application Fee

Submit the $85.00 application fee. This fee is required in order to process the application forms. The fee can be submitted online, by credit card.

International Applicants

  1. Regardless of financial ability, complete and return the International Applicant Financial Form. International students are also encouraged to read the Special Instructions and Information for International Applicants which is attached and which will provide information on the amount of funds needed for your study and other necessary application information.
  2. All applicants who are not native speakers of English must demonstrate proficiency in English by taking an English proficency exam. For more information about these exams please see: http://wings.buffalo.edu/intadmit/englishgraduate.htm


  • The primary season for admission is fall. The deadline for receipt of completed applications is January 15 of the year in which admission is sought.
  • All applications are reviewed by the graduate committee on the basis of the information received at the time of evaluation. Applications arriving late are never ignored, but you should be aware that the chances of admission on the basis of a late application are reduced because some offers may already have been made by the time your application is complete.
  • You may apply for admission in the spring semester, but you should be aware that offers of admission in spring are quite rare. The deadline for receipt of applications for spring admission is October 1 of the preceding year.

Frequently Asked Questions About Admission

  • I have a question about the status of my application. To whom should I write?
    Due to the number of applications, we cannot answer questions about the receipt of documents. We will notify you of missing documents.
  • Will individual faculty be able to review my credentials prior to the application process?
    No, individual faculty will not be able to comment on your application or chances of admission since the decision for admission is made centrally by the CBE Graduate Admissions Committee only. Admission to the graduate programs is competitive and the outcome depends on the quality of the applicants that we have each year. As a result, it is impossible for individual faculty to provide an "appraisal" of a candidate's chances of getting admitted to a program.
  • I am applying for a PhD. Will my chances of admission be reduced if I cannot demonstrate financial support?
    Admission to the PhD program is by merit only. Typically all students admitted to the doctorate program are supported by teaching or research assistantships or fellowships that provide stipend support and cover tuition costs. On rare occasions, however, students with very good credentials who did not make the cut, but have convincingly demonstrated their ability to support themselves financially, may be admitted to the PhD program without financial aid. These are typically Fulbright Fellows and government sponsored applicants.
  • I am applying for the PhD program. Do I need to send in the financial aid form?
    Yes. This is necessary to complete your application.
  • I am applying for an MS. What are the chances of financial aid?
    Master's students are offered full financial support only under rare circumstances.
  • Can I pursue a PhD immediately after my B.S. without a Master's degree?
  • When will the graduate admissions committee review my application for admission to the fall semester?
    The graduate admissions committee begins sending out offers of admission after February 1. This process continues until the end of April.
  • On what basis are admission decisions made?
    The graduate admission committee makes all admissions decisions. An evaluation of the applicant's academic qualifications is the only basis for admission. These evaluations are based on the applicant's academic record, GRE scores, personal statement, and letters of recommendation, not on specific scores alone. The criteria for evaluation varies each year depending on the pool of applicants.
  • What is the minimum TOEFL score accepted?
    The Graduate School suggests: 550 (paper) / 79 (IBT). The department admission committee's criteria may be different.
  • What is the minimum GRE score accepted?
    There is no specific minimum for GRE.
  • What is the minimum GPA accepted?
    The Graduate School suggests GPA equivalent to 3.0 for PhD and 3.0 for Master's. However, the department admission committee's criteria can be different and varies from year to year.
  • What is the best way to send the letters of recommendation?
    We prefer to receive online recommendations through the application system. We do accept emails from recommenders.
  • Can I choose an advisor when applying?
    We admit students centrally, into the department as a whole, and then students select their research advisors within the first two months of their studies here.

Graduate Admissions

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