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Alumni Privacy

What happens to the information you provide?

Guarding your privacy is very imporant to us.  All of the information we collect will be used only as described.  Obviously some information (e.g., your advice to our students) is collected for the purpose of making it public.  Other information (e.g. your name and address) will be released only as you instruct.

Rest assured that we will never sell alumni information to third parties, or release it in any way beyond placing it on this site (again, as far as you permit).  We collect this information only to allow us to stay in touch with you (send you the alumni newsletter), improve our degree programs, and to let your old classmates  find you (if you so permit)

Most of our forms collecting information give you some means to restrict how the information will be used.  If you're concerned, tell us about it as input in one of the text boxes.  A real person reads everything that is submitted, and nothing is posted anywhere automatically.

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Faces of CBE
  • Ashutosh Sharma, PhD 1988
  • Secretary, Dept. of Science & Technology,India
    Chair Professor, Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur

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