Spring 2012 - UB Chemical and Biological Engineering
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CBE Seminars

The University at Buffalo Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Wednesday Seminar Series

  • World renowned scholars
  • Sharing advances
  • Exchanging ideas

Each semester UB CBE hosts our weekly research seminar series for faculty, students, alumni, and chemical engineering professionals. We invite interesting speakers—people at the top of their fields—who are conducting creative research in chemical & biological engineering. Our goal is to provide access to the latest ideas in the field, and the experts who are developing them, while also acquainting the larger chemical engineering community with the research advances being made at UB.

During each seminar, speakers give a 50-minute presentation, immediately followed by a question and answer period. All interested members of the UB community and Western New York are encouraged to attend. No registration is necessary. Refreshments are served. Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held at 11:00 am in 206 Furnas Hall, UB North Campus.

Below is this semester’s schedule:

January 25, 2012

Mark Tuckerman
New York University
Exploring the Free Energy Landscapes of Biomolecules and Crystalline Polymorphs

February 1, 2012

Student Seminar
Katherine Shaul
University at Buffalo
Monte Carlo Methods for the Development of Ab Initio Virial Equations of State

February 8, 2012

Boualem Hammouda
National Institute of Standards & Technology Center for Neutron Research, Gaithersburg, MD
Probing Nanoscale Structures Using Small-Angle Neutron Scattering

February 15, 2012

Yu Sun
University of Toronto
Manipulation and Characterization of Biological Cells: MEMS and Micro-Nanorobotics Approaches

February 22, 2012

Lonnie Shea
Northwestern University
Systems Tissue Engineering

February 29, 2012

Michael Domach
Carnegie Mellon University
Revisiting Plasmids from the Standpoint of Making Them for Vaccines vs Using Them as Protein Product-Encoders

March 7, 2012

Robert Tilton
Carnegie Mellon University
Interfacial and Performance Properties of Polymer Brush-Grafted Nanoparticles

March 21, 2012

Ali Khademhosseini
Harvard Medical School
Microengineered Hydrogels for Stem Cell Bioengineering and Tissue Regeneration

March 28, 2012

Christy Petruczok
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Polymeric Micro and Nanostructures Using Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition (iCVD)

April 4, 2012

Anne Robinson
Tulane University
Engineering Approaches to Characterizing G-Protein Coupled Receptor Expression in Yeast

April 11, 2012

Donald Mager
SUNY at Buffalo
Towards Enhanced Pharmacodynamic Modeling in Oncology

April 18, 2012

Carol Hall
North Carolina State University
Thermodynamic and Kinetic Origins of Alzheimer's and Related Diseases: A Chemical Engineer's Perspective

April 23, 2012

Ruckenstein Lecture, 11:45am
Dennis Prieve
Carnegie Mellon University
The Effect of Severe Wall Hindrance on Brownian Motion and Mobility: Is the Ratio Still kT as Predicted by Einstein?
UB Center for the Arts Screening Room

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