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CBE Seminars

The University at Buffalo Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering Wednesday Seminar Series

  • World renowned scholars
  • Sharing advances
  • Exchanging ideas

Each semester UB CBE hosts our weekly research seminar series for faculty, students, alumni, and chemical engineering professionals. We invite interesting speakers—people at the top of their fields—who are conducting creative research in chemical & biological engineering. Our goal is to provide access to the latest ideas in the field, and the experts who are developing them, while also acquainting the larger chemical engineering community with the research advances being made at UB.

During each seminar, speakers give a 50-minute presentation, immediately followed by a question and answer period. All interested members of the UB community and Western New York are encouraged to attend. No registration is necessary. Refreshments are served. Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held at 11:00 am in 206 Furnas Hall, UB North Campus.

Below is this semester’s schedule:

September 2, 2015

ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY for all CBE graduate students, faculty, post-docs, and any undergraduate students taking CE 498.
Carol B. Schmeidler
University at Buffalo
Laboratory Safety
Student Union, 201 Theater

September 9, 2015

Amol Ajinkya Memorial Fund Lecture
Larry Biegler
Carnegie Mellon University
Large-scale Optimization for Multi-scale Processes

September 16, 2015

Amol Ajinkya Memorial Fund Lecture
Brian Grady
University of Oklahoma
Effect of Lateral Confinement on Adsorption of Surfactants at the Solid-Water Interface

September 25, 2015

The 18th Annual Chemical and Biological Engineering Graduate Student Research Symposium. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY for all CBE graduate students.
David Sholl
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta
Using High Throughput Computation to Accelerate Development of Materials for Scalable Energy Technologies
Center for the Arts, First Floor Screening Room

September 30, 2015

Yashan Yan
University of Delaware
Toward a distributed renewable electrochemical energy and mobility system (DREEMS): Polymer electrolytes and electrocatalysis

October 7, 2015

Amol Ajinkya Memorial Fund Lecture
C. Daniel Frisbie
University of Minnesota
New Materials & Printing Processes for Flexible Electronics

October 14, 2015

Aaron Wheeler
University of Toronto
Digital Microfluidics: Not Just for Liquids, Anymore

October 21, 2015

Honggang Cui
Johns Hopkins University
Self-Delivering Supramolecular Nanomedicine

October 28, 2015

ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY for all new fall 2015 CBE graduate students.
Nancy Schiller
University at Buffalo
Library Resources for Research in Chemical & Biological Engineering

November 4, 2015

Eray Aydil
University of Minnesota
Making Thin film Solar Cells based on the Earth Abundant Solar Absorber Cu2ZnSn(SxSe1-x)4 from Colloidal Nanocrystal Dispersions

November 18, 2015

ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY for all new fall 2015 CBE graduate students.
Sharon Nolan-Weiss
University at Buffalo
Harassment Prevention Training Seminar

December 2, 2015

ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY for all new fall 2015 CBE graduate students.
Timothy P. Dee
University at Buffalo
Basic Understanding of University Technology Transfer: What Researchers Need to Know

December 9, 2015

Sindhu Row & Ioannis Karampelas
University at Buffalo
CBE Graduate Student Seminar

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