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Eli Ruckenstein

Distinguished Professor

504 Furnas Hall
(716) 645-1179
Fax: (716) 645-3822

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Eli Ruckenstein Interview for AIChE Mini History Project


Ph.D. Polytechnic Institute, Bucharest
B.S. Polytechnic Institute, Bucharest

Professional Experience

UB Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering
Distinguished Professor 1981
Faculty Professor (School of Engineering & Applied Sciences) 1973
Professor, University of Delaware , Chemical Engineering Department 1970-73
National Science Foundation Senior Scientist, Clarkson College of Technology , Chemical Engineering Department 1969-70
Visiting Professor, London University , Chemical Engineering Department 1969
Professor, Polytechnic Institute, Bucharest , Chemical Engineering Department 1949-69
Visiting Professor, Institute of Polymers at ETH, Zurich , Switzerland 1994
Gulf Visiting Professor, Carnegie Mellon University 1988-89
Visiting Humboldt Professor, Bayreuth University , W. Germany 1986
Visiting Wolfsohn Professor, Technion, Haifa , Israel , Chemical Engineering Department 1978
Visiting Professor, the Catholic University , Leuven , Belgium , Chemical Engineering Department 1977-78

Honors and Awards

Member, National Academy of Arts and Sciences 2012
Founders Award, National Academy of Engineering 2004
Walter P. Cooke Award, State University of New York at Buffalo 2003
Founders Award, American Institute of Chemical Engineers 2002
Pioneer of Science Award, Western New York, Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute 2002
Chancellor Charles P. Norton Medal, State University of New York at Buffalo 1999
Dean’s Award for Engineering Achievement, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, State University of New York at Buffalo 1999
National Medal of Science 1998
E. V. Murphree Award in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry 1996
Langmuir Distinguished Lecturer Award 1994
Honorary Doctoral Degree from the Technical University of Bucharest 1993
Jacob F. Schoellkopf Medal of the Western New York Section/American Chemical Society for varied contributions in the areas of heterogeneous catalysis and colloids and emulsions 1991
Member of the National Academy of Engineering 1990
Walker Award of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers for Excellence in Contribution to Chemical Engineering Literature 1988
Kendall Award of the American Chemical Society for Research in Colloids
and Surfaces
Senior Humboldt Award of Alexander von Humboldt Foundation 1985
Creativity Award of the National Science Foundation 1985
Alpha Chi Sigma Award of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers 1977
George Spacu Award for Research in Surface Phenomena of the Romanian Academy of Science 1963
Romanian Department of Education Award for Teaching 1961
Romanian Department of Education Award for Research in Turbulent Heat and Mass Transf  
Romanian Department of Education Award for Research in Distillation (1964), National Award  

Professional Service

Member, National Academy of Engineering
Member, American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Member, American Chemical Society
Member, American Academy of Arts and Science

Distinguished Lecturer

Sandler Symposium Lecturer, University of Delaware 2001
Robert L. Pigford Memorial Lecturer, University of Delaware 1999
Barnett F. Dodge Distinguished Lecuterer, Yale University 1998
Robert A. Welch Foundation Lecturer, UT-Austin 1997
UC Berkeley Lecturer 1997
Merk Distinguished Lecterer, Rutgers University 1992
Van Winkle Lecturer, UT-Austin 1989
Colburn Symposium Lecturer, University of Delaware 1988
Gulf Lecturer, Carnegie Mellon University 1988
Fair Memorial Lecturer, University of Oklahoma 1987
Distinguished Lecturer, University of Missouri at Rolla 1983
Distinguished Lecturer, University of Waterloo 1985

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