UB - University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Chemical and Biological Engineering

All telephone numbers are area code 716.

A - Z Directory

Name Position Office Contacts
Alexandridis, Paschalis UB Distinguished Professor & Director of Graduate Studies 508 Furnas 645-1183
Ameis, Paul A. Adjunct Lecturer    
Andreadis, Stylianos Professor & Department Chair 306 Furnas-chair office, 908 Furnas-bio fac office 645-1202
Asatryan, Rubik Research Associate Professor 134 Bell Hall 645-1744
Bajpai, Vivek Postdoctoral Scholar    
Berim, Gersh Research Scientist    
Brutvan, Donald Emeritus Professor    
Chen, Hou Yang Research Scientist    
Cheng, Chong Associate Professor 312 Furnas 645-1193
Counrtemanche, David Adjunct Lecturer    
Djikaev, Iouri Research Scientist    
Dupuis, Michel Research Professor 614 Furnas 645-9062
DuVall, Lori Academic Secretary 307 Furnas 645-2913
Errington, Jeffrey R. Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies 509 Furnas 645-1184
Furlani, Edward P. Professor 614 Furnas 645-1194
Goyal, Amit Director UB Renew & Volunteer Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering 232 Jacobs 645-0977
Hachmann, Johannes Assistant Professor 612 Furnas 645-1524
Kahen, Keith Adjunct Research Associate Professor    
Kelkar, Anju Postdoctoral Scholar    
Kerr, Marlo Academic Coordinator 303 Furnas 645-2569
Kiser, Ken Emeritus Professor    
Kofke, David A. UB Distinguished Professor 510 Furnas 645-1173
Kofke, Tamara G. Lecturer 610 Furnas 645-1192
Kyriakidou, Eleni A. Assistant Professor    
Lei, Pedro Research Associate Professor 910 Furnas 645-1203
Li, Deyu Visiting Scholar    
Li, Ji Visiting Scholar    
Lin, Haiqing Assistant Professor 311 Furnas 645-1856
Liu, Hui Visiting Scholar    
Lockett, Michael Professor 203A Furnas 645-1303
Lovell, Jonathan Adjunct Assistan Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering    
Liu, Gang Research Assistant Professor 910 Furnas 645-1203
Lund, Carl R. F. Distinguished Teaching Professor 505 Furnas 645-1180
Matta, Khushin Adjunct Research Professor, Chemican and Biological Engineering    
Moustafa, Sabry Postdoctoral Scholar    
Neelamegham, Sriram Professor 906 Furnas 645-1200
Nibbe, Todd Facilities and Operations Coordinator 303 Furnas 645-1745
Nitsche, Johannes M. Professor 507 Furnas 645-1182
Papavasilious, Vasilis Adjunct Lecturer    
Parashurama, Natesh Assistant Professor 907 Furnas 645-1201
Park, Sheldon J. Associate Professor 905 Furnas 645-1199
Pfeifer, Blaine Associate Professor 904 Furnas 645-1198
Ruckenstein, Eli Emeritus Distinguished Professor 504 Furnas 645-1179
Ryan, Michael E. Emeritus Professor    
Sarkar, Debanjan Adjunct Assistant Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering    
Schultz, Andrew J. Research Scientist & Research Assistant Professor 511 Furnas 645-1186
Shen, Chongyang Visiting Scholar    
Swihart, Mark T. Professor & Director, Integrated Nanostructured Systems 506 Furnas 645-1181
Tsianou, Marina Associate Professor 609 Furnas 645-1191
Tyminska, Nina Postdoctoral Scholar    
Van Oss, Carel J. Adjunct Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering    
Weber, Thomas Emeritus Professor    
Wilson, Joan Assistant to the Chair 307 Furnas 645-1174
Wu, Gang Assistant Professor 309 Furnas 645-8618
Xu, Riwei Visiting Scholar    
Zhao, Wenxia Visiting Scholar    
Zukoski, Charles F. UB Provost and Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering 562 Capen Hall 645-2992