UB - University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Chemical and Biological Engineering


Benjamin Lam M.S. Student

 portrait of student Eleftheria Antoniou

I started off in UB as a transfer student back in 2011 for my Bachelor Degree and participated in Dr. Carl Lund’s group when I was in the senior year, inspiring my research interest in materials engineering. I chose UB CBE because of their revolutionary research chemical and biological engineering program in the U.S., led by many highly dedicated faculty members as well as the state-of-art research facilities around on campus. Constant exposure to the various field of chemical engineering based on materials, biological, and computational technologies especially in daily course works, prepped future graduates for the academic or industrial professions.

In the Fall of 2013, I started my M.S. Degree and was privileged to join Dr. Haiqing Lin’s membrane group. The field of polymeric membranes has been gaining recognition due to their efficient and low-cost approach for gas separation as compared to the currently dominated amine. Currently, my work focuses on the development of an advanced cellulose triacetate membrane, which has been the workhorse membrane for the past 30 years, for CO2 capture from natural gas, by doping with ionic liquid. The doping of ionic liquid into cellulose triacetate is theorized to reduce the polymeric membrane’s crystallinity, which have been a huge deterrent for its wide utilization because of the resultant low gas flux. In addition, ionic liquids are theorized to increase the CO2/CH4 solubility selectivity of the blended membrane as studies indicated excellent exhibition of CO2/CH4 solubility selectivity by the ionic liquids. Findings of this project and our other group’s work are hoped to provide solutions to the industry for enhancing the capabilities of both on-shore and off-shore oil and gas platforms in the long run as well as to mitigate significant environmental issues. 


“ Readiness of the versatility of the dedicated UB CBE faculty members’ makes the learning experience in this department a privilege and transformed graduates into well-rounders for the future of chemical engineering.”

- Benjamin Lam