UB - University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Chemical and Biological Engineering


Vivek Bajpai Ph.D. Student

During my clinical Medicine training, I came to learn about Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine as a novel therapeutic approach of treating debilitating diseases. I was fascinated by the myriad potential applications of stem cells in human health restoration and I decided to pursue my PhD in this area of stem cell based regenerative medicine. I was impressed with the stem cell related work that was being carried out in the laboratory of Dr. Stelios Andreadis at UB CBE. I contacted him and expressed my desire to pursue research work in his laboratory and thus began my journey in UB CBE department as a graduate student.

My research at UB CBE has discovered that under certain treatments human skin cells can be converted into neural crest cells. And thus derived neural crest cells give rise to functional neurons, pigment cells, Schwann cells, fat, bone, cartilage, muscle and endothelium, which have tremendous application in regenerative medicine.  In addition, my work has identified human induced pluripotent and hair follicle stem cells as a source of mesenchymal stem cells including smooth muscle cells for vascular tissue engineering applications.  UB CBE is one of the top ranked and highly diverse chemical and biological engineering training program in the country. UB CBE faculty diversity significantly enriches learning experience of an individual. In addition, UB CBE hosts a dedicated year-long seminar series in the department that strives to invites prominent speakers/leaders for delivering a lecture on the topics of varied interest, further embellishing the research and learning experience. In my opinion, main strength of UB CBE is its incisive focus on the quality of research work that is being pursued, which is amply reflected in the resulting high-impact publications from the UB CBE laboratories. 

“ UB CBE gives you the liberty to pursue your independent research ideas with all possible support that you need to test your hypotheses”

- Vivek