UB - University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Chemical and Biological Engineering


Janhavi Moharil, Ph.D. Student

When I was applying to graduate schools, I found out that UB's CBE department supports a wide range of bioengineering research. Moreover the lab facilities and equipment and the educational care at the graduate level in CBE are quite impressive.

Before coming to UB, I worked in computational biology and always wondered how this vast amount of biological information is generated. Here in Dr. Andreadis' lab, I am now doing the experiments myself as well as analyzing and modeling the data. This gives me a better understanding of both. I am working on developing lentiviral microarrays to study stem cell differentiation and using the array data to infer gene regulatory interactions.  My own ideas and research plans are encouraged here and that’s what makes me enthusiastic to be a part of Dr. Andreadis' group.

"We are a diverse lab in terms of educational as well as cultural backgrounds. It is a wonderful experience to work with people from different cultures. I think this diversity is necessary for a true scientific temper."

- Janhavi