UB - University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Chemical and Biological Engineering


Kate Shaul Ph.D. Student

portrait of student Kate Shaul

As a doctoral student working for Professor David Kofke, I develop numerical methods for computing quantities of interest in thermodynamics. I thoroughly enjoy doing the work and presenting it at conferences around the world, from Suzhou, China, to Salt Lake City, Utah. The department supports its doctoral students with stipends and health insurance so that we can focus on our research, and I am grateful for additional funding that I receive through a Schomburg Fellowship and a UB Presidential Fellowship.

Because of the department’s relatively small size and active culture, I quickly came to feel at home here. I participated in the department’s graduate student association (CBE GSA, http://gsa.buffalo.edu/cbe) first as a senator and later as president and webmaster. In addition to holding social events that help students from different research groups build and maintain friendships, the CBE GSA organizes an annual research symposium. The symposium attracts a large number of representatives from local industry, offering all CBE students the opportunity to present their research to a broad audience including potential employers.

I have also served as a substitute teacher and as a member of student panels that provide feedback to faculty. There is no shortage of opportunities at UB that will help me become the professor I hope one day to be. Professional development opportunities I look forward to include UB Engineering's Future-Faculty Workshop and the Target your Teaching Workshop.

“I have been delighted to see how much the faculty value student feedback.”

- Kate