UB - University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Chemical and Biological Engineering


Mitali China Ph.D. Student

UB's Chemical and Biological Engineering department is internationally renowened. I was attracted by the in-depth research in the area of nanoscale materials science.

I work in Prof. Marina Tsianou's lab on crystallization of bio-inspired minerals. Biologically mineralized materials have unique properties and functionalities arising from their special structure, orientation, morphology, and polymorph of the constituent minerals which form in strictly controlled biological environment. Our research focuses on understanding the fundamental principles of biominerallization processes. Our approach in mimicking some of the features of biological minerallization process includes the use of macromolecular additives and organic matrices (as crystallization media). Our effort helps to unravel various roles of additives and organic matrices that control the fine balance between kinetics and thermodynamics governing the crystallization process. Better understanding of the biominerallization process would help in developing materials for biological applications and making effective strategies to prevent diseases that are caused by undesired deposition of minerals.

“UB CBE faculty and graduate students work together toward solving exciting scientific challenges. I fully enjoy working in my lab where we have freedom to explore various ideas. Graduate students and post doctoral scholars are always ready to help their colleagues.”

- Mitali