UB - University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Chemical and Biological Engineering


Munish Sharma Ph.D. Student

When I was applying to grad schools in the US for my PhD, I learned from my professors and seniors at IIT-Bombay that the UB CBE department is highly ranked and well known for its high quality research. CBE@UB has superb faculty, a strong material science and engineering research environment, and a small student to faculty ratio. The department is a good blend of distinguished professors and young faculty members who encourage students and foster an environment of academic excellence in the department. CBE is engaged in collaborative research with various departments at UB in frontier areas of research in material science such as engineered nanomateials for photovoltaics, bioimaging, self-assembly of polymers,and catalysis.

After completing my M.S. degree here, I have had an opportunity to join Prof. Mark T. Swihart’s research group. My PhD research focuses on “Developing nanomaterials using an aerosol reactor for flexible electronics, hydrogen purification, and semiconductors”. The project is funded by NSF grant and I am working in close association with a team of researchers from Praxair Inc. In my research, I am trying to fundamentally understand the properties of multimetallic nanoparticles and coatings. In the future, my research will benefit the development of next generation light weight, low cost, and flexible electronics such as RFID’s and metal ink formulations. I am enjoying my research in the research group of Prof. Swihart. My advisor is very supportive and encourages complete independence in the lab. The lab members are very helpful and friendly. I had the opportunity to present my research at the AIChE annual meeting at Pittsburgh in Oct. 2012, and it was well appreciated by the scientific community there. I was recently inducted into the Sigma-Xi scientific research society on the recommendations of my advisor. I was fortunate to win the “students choice” best student poster award in our CBE annual symposium in Fall 2011.

“Everyday comes to me as a new learning experience in the CBE department and I am enjoying all phases
of research including teaching and mentoring.”

- Munish