UB - University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Chemical and Biological Engineering


Xin Liu Ph.D. Student

I am delighted to study in the UB CBE department and conduct my PhD research in Professor Swihart's group. My research focuses on synthesizing nanocrystals and investigating the mechanism of their formation at the nanoscale. We also fabricate photovoltaic devices and photodetectors based on our colloidal nanoinks. These could be the basis for low-cost and industrially-favorable technologies for solar cells, lighting, and other applications. In addition, we have developed nanoparticle contrast agents (nanomedicine) that are used by our collaborators in a novel non-invasive high resolution biological imaging method known as photoacoustic tomography (PAT).

Dr Swihart’s group has diverse research directions and lots of collaborations spanning gas-phase continuous reactors for nanoparticle synthesis, chemical (solution-phase) methods for nanocrystal growth, solution-processed optoelectronic devices, biological imaging, nonlinear optics and peptide-functionalized nanoparticles. He always encourages students to think independently, supports them as they pursue their ideas and provides guidance when needed. I am so grateful to work in this group and pursue my PhD research in our department.

“The UB CBE department has a strong research emphasis on material science and engineering. I am fortunate to receive a lot of instruction and inspiration about my studies and research from our faculty members.

- Xin