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Biological Engineering at CBE

The Bioengineering group of CBE is a unique and diverse group of investigators employing engineering fundamentals and biology to:

1. understand basic biological processes e.g. the role of mechanical forces on cell behavior, protein glycosylation, stem cell aging, stem cell differentiation; and

2. develop novel technologies such as production of value-added chemicals, engineering novel proteins with improved properties, development of anti-clotting agents, scale-up production of stem cells for cell therapies and engineering tissues (blood vessels, skin, bone, cartilage) for tissue replacement and regeneration.

UB CBE students not only have access to state of the art research equipment within the bio labs at CBE, but also have access to these facilities and instrumentation:

The New York State Center for Excellence in Bioinformatics

The Biological Sciences Imaging Facility, which provides optical microscopy, confocal microscopy, and TEM imaging.

The School of Medicine’s Core Facilities, which include analytical chemistry and toxicology, genomics (conventional and next-generation sequencing, transgenics), proteomics (SPR, MALDI-TOF, LC-MS, protein crystallization), flow cytometry, histology, confocal microscopy, TEM imaging, PET/CT imaging, and stem cell culture, banking, and analysis.

The Comparative Medicine Laboratory Animal Facilities, which provide complete services for experiments with small and large animals.

UB CBE's on-site instrumentation includes:

Meet CBE's award - winning bioengineering faculty:

Stelios T. Andreadis
Gene therapy, tissue engineering of skin and blood vessels, controlled protein and gene delivery

Sriram Neelamegham
Biomedical engineering, cell biomechanics, vascular engineering

Johannes M. Nitsche
Transport phenomena, bioactive surfaces, biological pores, transdermal transport

Sheldon J. Park

Protein engineering, yeast surface display, bioinformatics, molecular dynamic simulations

Blaine Pfeifer
Cellular, metabolic, natural product biosynthesis, therapies for infectious disease and cancer, and new gene delivery systems

Natesh Parashurama
Liver stem cell biology, differentiation, cell therapy, organogenesis, disease modeling, tissue engineering. Multimodality molecular imaging, monitoring molecular events in living subjects.


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