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Materials Engineering at CBE

Materials Engineering at UB focuses on the study and fabrication of both soft and hard materials. Within these activities, we apply the core components of chemical engineering science: transport phenomena, thermodynamics, and chemical kinetics/reaction engineering. This perspective allows us to take practical and quantitative approaches to materials research that are not as common in chemistry or materials science departments. UB CBE's faculty focuses on nano-technology, advanced polymers, catalysis, colloids, and self-assembly and crystallization phenomena. Their research is applied to transportation fuel production, fabrication of catalysts, drug delivery, oil dispersants (example: 2010 B.P. oil spill), semiconductors, and electronic display advancements.

UB CBE is playing a leading role in two new initiatives at UB: A graduate degree program in Materials Science and Engineering, and the New York State Center of Excellence in Materials Informatics. The quantitative and analytical approach taken in our research naturally lends itself to the high-throughput synthesis, characterization, and analysis associated with Materials Informatics.

Students in the department have access to all the facilities and instrumentation needed to conduct novel groundbreaking research, including our Integrated Nanostructured Systems, the Center for Computational Research (CCR), South Campus Instrument Center, Chemistry Department Instrumentation Center, Biological Sciences Imaging Facility, School of Medicine’s Core Facilities.

Meet the UB CBE award winning Materials Engineering faculty:

Self-assembly, complex fluids, nanomaterials, interfacialo phenomena, amphiphilic polymers
Paschalis Alexandridis

Biodegradable functional polymers and nanostructures, new drug delivery systems, synthetic materials for tissue engineering
Chong Cheng

Heterogeneous catalysis, chemical kinetics, reaction engineering
Carl R.F. Lund

Transport phenomena, bioactive surfaces, biological pores, transdermal transport
Johannes Nitsche

Catalysis, surface phenomena, colloids and emulsions, biocompatible surfaces and materials
Eli Ruckenstein

Synthesis and application of nanoparticles, reactor modeling, computational chemistry, particle nucleation and growth
Mark Swihart

Molecularly engineered materials, self-assembly, interfacial phenomena, controlled crystallization, biomimetics
Marina Tsianou


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