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Silicon Nanocrystals

The top image show photoluminescent silicon nanoparticles with emission color that depends on the nanoparticle size. The bottom images are transmission electron micrographs (TEM images) of two particles, in which the crystal planes of silicon atoms are visible.

Synthesis, functionalization, and application of nanoparticles, aerosol reactor modeling, computational chemistry, particle nucleation and growth

Mark T. Swihart, Professor

Research in the Swihart group centers around the synthesis and application of nanoparticles and the application of chemical engineering science (chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, transport phenomena) to understand and improve processes by which these materials are prepared.

Much of our research can be categorized into the six areas listed below. The list is linked to a more detailed research page that includes a brief introduction, some relevant images, and some relevant publications in each of the areas listed.