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Laboratory Safety

Safety and regulatory issues associated with formal laboratory courses within the curriculum are addressed as an integral part of those courses. Any laboratory work that takes place outside of a formal laboratory course must comply with departmental, university, state and federal rules. This includes student club activities involving laboratory use, informal research courses, graduate student research projects, post-doctoral laboratory work, etc.

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering conducts regular safety inspections with the assistance of the School of Engineering and the University's Environmental Health and Safety Services (EHS) department. Lab occupants may wish to perform their own safety audits periodically, in which case the inspection checklist used in the departmental inspections may be useful: CBE Safety Inspection Report (.pdf file).

Use links at the left for information about required training, regulations, and other suggested practices. Any questions that are not answered here should be directed to either the department safety coordinator, currently Professor Lund, or the university's Environment, Health and Safety Services department.

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