UB - University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Chemical and Biological Engineering

Shared Research facilities

As a comprehensive research university, UB offers access to a wide array of shared research instrumentation.  Most of these operate on a chargeback system that provides affordable rates for researchers while recovering part of the cost of maintaining the facilities. Some significant instrument facilities used by CBE researchers include:

The Integrated Nanostructured Systems Instrument facility, which provides TEM, SEM, FIB/SEM, e-beam lithography, cryogenics (liquid helium), AFM, cleanroom and microfabrication facilities, FTIR spectroscopy, and physical property measurements: http://ub2020.buffalo.edu/ins/research/instrument-facilities.php

The South Campus Instrument Center, which provides SEM, powder XRD, and surface analysis: http://dental.buffalo.edu/Research/CentersAndFacilities/SCIC.aspx

The Chemistry Department Instrumentation Center, which provides chromatography, spectroscopy, NMR, surface analysis and thermal analysis: http://chemistry.buffalo.edu/facilities/instrument_center/

The Biological Sciences Imaging Facility, which provides optical microscopy, confocal microscopy, and TEM imaging: http://www.acsu.buffalo.edu/~ajsiegel/

The School of Medicine’s Core Facilities, which include analytical chemistry and toxicology, genomics (conventional and next-generation sequencing, transgenics), proteomics (SPR, MALDI-TOF, LC-MS, protein crystallization), flow cytometry, histology, confocal microscopy, TEM imaging, PET/CT imaging, and stem cell culture, banking, and analysis. http://medicine.buffalo.edu/research/core_facilities.html

The Center for Computational Research, which is a world-class academic supercomputing center providing 70 Tflops of computing capacity and over 600 TB of storage, as well as access to a broad array of software and programming tools for computational research:


The Comparative Medicine Laboratory Animal Facilities, which provide complete services for experiments with small and large animals:  http://www.research.buffalo.edu/laf/

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