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You can participate in professional work experiences part-time during the academic year, or full-time during the summer break. Course credit can be earned in connection to these experiences, but there are some qualifications:

  • You must contact the CBE Internship Coordinator before beginning the employment activity to establish whether the planned work duties are suitable for course credit. This is done in coordination with the employer.
  • Reporting or other course requirements are established with the Internship Coordinator and must be completed during the work experience.
  • You must register for CE 496 during the period when the work is performed (or in the subsequent semester if the internship is begun in the middle of a semester).
  • You may register for CE 496 as many times as desired, but no more than 3 credits may count toward the degree.
  • At least 240 hours of work must be performed for the experience to be eligible for CE 496 course credit.

Both paid and unpaid internships are eligible for course credit.

Note that you don’t have to do an internship for course credit for it to be worthwhile.  You can list the experience on your resume whether or not you take it for credit.

It is your responsibility to identify, apply and be selected for the internship. The Career Planning and Placement can help you in this process.

Some employers want students for more time than is afforded in a summer or semester internship. Often they want students to work full-time for up to 6 months. This type of co-op experience can be taken by CBE students, but it will delay graduation by a full year. Any student missing a semester of classes will not be prepared for the classes offered in the semester they return, so it will be necessary to pick up their CBE classwork again in the following semester (i.e., a year after starting the co-op).

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