UB - University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Chemical and Biological Engineering

BS in Chemical Engineering

Building on coursework in chemistry, physics, and mathematics, the chemical engineering curriculum comprises a core of courses based on the fundamentals of chemical reaction engineering, fluid flow, heat transfer, thermodynamics and separation science, materials science, process control and process economics.

Specialized elective courses are offered in biochemical processes, polymers and non-Newtonian fluid mechanics. Increasing emphasis is being placed on the use of computers and computer-aided design throughout the curriculum.

Graduates with a BS degree will find employment opportunities with both large and small private industries, consulting firms, and government agencies. Many students go on to graduate school and pursue careers in advanced industrial R&D and in academia; some graduates have gone on to careers in medicine or law.

Degree requirements:

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Faces of CBE
  • Mohan Bhalodia, PhD 1973
  • Principal Consultant - BP Castellon refinery in Spain (retired)

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