UB - University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Chemical and Biological Engineering

Information Used for Program Improvement

In addition to use of results that emerge from the assessment and evaluation of our Program Educational Objectives and Program Outcomes, we also utilize information gathered from the following activities to improve the CE undergraduate program.

  • Senior exit surveys. All students are requested to complete an anonymous “exit survey,” which is distributed during one of the required Spring-semester senior-year courses. The exit survey provides the student with an opportunity to deliver candid feedback about the Chemical Engineering Program. There are questions on the survey that address the curriculum, use of computers, quality of instruction, quality of the labs, atmosphere and attitudes, university facilities and services, and career preparation. This input provides one mechanism to alert us to failures in the educational program.
  • Lunch with the Chair. Once each semester, students are treated to a pizza/pop lunch with the Department Chair and other CE faculty. The time is used for two-way communication: students are advised of any important matters that may be ongoing, and are encouraged to provide feedback about the operation of the department and educational program. Notes from these meetings are provided below (restricted access)
  • Course evaluations. Towards the end of each course students are requested to complete course evaluations. This survey includes 21 specific questions for which students provide scores of 0 to 4 and four general questions for which students provide written comments. The first set of questions address issues such as the extent to which the instructor conveys ideas and concepts clearly, delivers well organized presentations, and challenges critical thinking as well course management issues such as whether the exams assess course content and are graded fairly, a reasonable effort was required, and the relevance of the course was explained. For the second set of questions, students respond to “the three aspects of the course that I liked the best were”, “the three aspects of the course that I disliked the most were”, “the three improvements to the course that I would recommend are”, and “other comments”. The evaluations are processed by the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and subsequently distributed to the course instructor and relevant Department Chair for review.