UB - University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Chemical and Biological Engineering

Consistency of the Program Educational Objectives with the Mission of the Institution

Connection to UB Mission

The first bulleted point of the institution’s mission statement establishes UB’s goal to educate and train students, “UB serves the people of New York as State University's … primary center for professional education and training”. Undergraduate education is specifically addressed within the third bulleted point, “UB will continue to provide high-quality, innovative, university-level undergraduate education”. Individual programs are encouraged to work within these broad guidelines to develop curricula with guiding objectives that are consistent with the needs and trends of their discipline. Our PEO are consistent with this charge.

The fifth bulleted point of the institution’s mission statement establishes a goal of producing graduates that contribute to the global economy and community, “UB will … prepare our students and state for the global community and economy of the twenty-first century”. Via attainment of our first, second, and fifth PEO graduates will contribute to the global economy. Via attainment of our fourth and sixth PEO graduates will enhance the global community.

Connection to SEAS Mission

The first bulleted point of the SEAS mission statement places an emphasis on educating students to “practice engineering with technical skill”, “identify and solve important technological problems”, and “have a high regard for ethical principles and an understanding of economic and environmental realities”. These three goals are directly linked to our first, second, and fourth PEO, respectively.

Our PEO are also indirectly linked to the fifth bulleted item, “Become a catalyst for attracting and increasing the private sector to Western New York and New York State”. Graduates that are well positioned to attain our PEO will provide an effective and competent work force that will be attractive to the private sector within New York State, and especially the Western New York area.

Connection to CBE Mission

The first bulleted point of the CBE mission statement establishes the Department’s goal to, “educate … students in the fundamental principles of chemical engineering, to expose them to current trends in this and related fields, and to prepare them for responsible, professional practice”. Via education in the fundamental principles of chemical engineering graduates are well positioned to attain our first and second PEO. Exposure to current trends in chemical and biological engineering and related fields encourages graduates to remain current with the profession through independent learning and participation in professional societies (sixth PEO), while strengthening their ability to attain the first and second PEO. Finally, preparation of students for responsible professional practice entails ensuring that they are capable of interacting and communicating with a broad range of people (third and fifth PEO), and that they understand the environmental and societal implications of their actions (fourth PEO).