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Q. How can I get industrial experience?

A. A summer job, of course. But these can be tough to find. You can look for one through the placement center, but as with any job search a personal contact is best.

As an alternative, there are work experiences available as part of the undergraduate curriculum (which can then lead to that all-important personal contact). Read more about it.

Q. I worked at Company X last summer. The pay was great and I did real chemical engineering. Can I get course credit for the experience?

A. No.  You must pre-arrange for internship credit before you begin the internship.  The experience must have some faculty oversight.  If you're planning to do some work at a company in the future, and you want to see if it can be done for internship credit, first see the internship coordinator, Professor Pfeifer.

Q. What is a technical elective (TE)? What is a good TE to take? Is [some course] OK as a TE?

A. Boy, that's a lot of questions. See the TE page for answers to all of them.

Q. How can I get involved in a research project?

A. CBE Faculty are generally eager to work with students on a research-oriented project.  We suggest that you approach one of the faculty who you think you might like to work on a project with, and discuss the possibility of doing a research project. Check the faculty pages to learn more about faculty research interests. You may also find useful information regarding university-wide undergraduate research activities from the UB Center for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities (CURCA) website. Finally, the AIChE Student Chapter periodically organizes an Undergraduate Research Fair, which provides a forum for faculty and students to discuss their interests.

Q. What is graduate school all about?

A. No short answer to this one. Read more about it here.

Q. Who is my academic advisor?

A. Go here to find out, or have one assigned if you don't have one yet.

Q. Will [some topic] be on the exam?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I take a graduate course and apply it to my degree?

A. Maybe. The key rules are:

  1. Junior or senior standing;
  2. A minimum GPA of 3.0 overall;  and
  3. Permission of the instructor and the department Chair.
  4. Completion of form here


Note that graduate courses used for undergraduate degree credit cannot also be applied toward a graduate degree.

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